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Monday, April 04, 2005

TOTALLY & COMPLETELY DIGITAL ULTRA-VIOLENCE ...and an issue with a song from 1984

You know, I do not think I have ever had the pleasure of seeing a digitally filmed movie via a digital projector, but today I was lucky enought to catch SIN CITY on the big screen with one of only 2 digital projectors in New England. ...at least as far as i know. Anyway, the film which is based on several graphic novels/comics was expertly shot and it was a really impressive looking film. It also had some entratining moments --- but did it have to be so very vile? As exciting as it was to see such use of color, editing, set design and cinematography, it was just too repugnant at times.

True, it was meant to be a comic book so the violence certainly hinged on the level over-the-top dark comedy but I feel the directors still took it too far and made it too nasty for no other reason than to take it too far and to be nasty. I guess exploitive would be the appropriate word.

The film was also filled with the geek comic book view of the ideal woman: busty, long legged, tiny waist, pouty lips, big hair, dangerous and nude at all times. And, of course, there seems to be a bit of sadistic pleasure in putting these one-deminsional female characters in peril or torture. And, of course, at the heart of it --- the female characters turn out to be the cruelest of the bunch.

Now, one could argue that this fits the genre of most comic books and that I am being a bit silly about it. However, if I were female and saw this movie --- I would be offended. And when, o, when will Bruce Willis play a lover or love interest to an actress who would be more appropriate in age?!?!? Do we all feel the need to see Mr. Willis get it on with nubile teens? Is this a reflection of an actor's ego or that of us?

And what gives with this film securing an R-rating? If any film would deserve the NC-17 label it would be this film! There is no logical explanation for the way films are rated in the US. I think it all depends on the budget of the film and who is producing/distrirbuting it. Even still, I am glad it at least merited an R-rating. However, the sad thing is that the plots and the script in general are really at the 13 to 16 year old boy level. It will be interesting to see if this film does well at all. It certainly has quite a cast. ...however, the only reason, in my opinion, to take it in is to see the latest step in a new technology. Very well crafted trash!

Now, I am going to just be honest and let you all know that I have a problem. ...well, a new problem. As many of you know, I have a tendency to love the White Trash Operatic Diversions of rock-n-roll composer, Jim Steinman. I love the bombast and melody of it all! I mean, Total Eclipse of the Heart is one of my all time favorite 3 songs! ...and one will not find a bad song on the Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell LP! And the once hot Billy Squire fared well under the rock oper stylings of Mr. S --- as did, gulp, Air Supply.

Anyway, Mr. Steinman somehow convinced Barbra Streisand to record a song which even poor Bonnie Tyler rejected --- "Left in the Dark" back in 1984. It was Bab's last bid for a pop/rock hit. ...the bid failed, tho the video got quite a bit of play during the fall of '84. However, to hear Babs sing those lyrics which could only be penned by Jim Steinman was too much to resist!

Sample lyric for those of you too young to remember or for those of you who simply do not care enough to know:

"I know that you love me.
There's no need to talk.
I see that look in your eyes and I got the proof!
And, there are no lies on your body as I watch you undress.
...but don't tell me now, I don't need any answers tonight.
I just need some love.
So turn off the lights and I'll be left in the dark again"

Wow --- it doesn't get much more poetic than that does it, folks? Still as bad as the song is -- I love the sencerity Babs tries to invest in the 9 MINUTE opus! And, as with all Steinmann songs --- the melody is infectious.

Now, I wish I could tell you that my problem is that I can't stop playing this song over and over again --- and, yes, that is part of the problem -- but the real issue is that it is the 45 second cheezzy opening to the song that I like to play on repeat.

...to the sound of tunnled wind and creepy 80's synth drum-like throbs Babs SPEAKS the following prior to forging head first into this ballad from Hell:

"Where did she touch you?
How did it feel?
Why did you let it begin?
What did she whisper and what did it mean?
Where do you think it will end?
How long did it last?
Do you think it will stop?
Did you get to try anything ---- new?
How good was she? ...Honestly.
And, who made the very first move?
Who made the first move?" ...enter echo effect repeating Babs last line to affinity

Sigh. It both amuses and puzzles me and I can't stop playing it! Help!

Wouldn't it have been even more classic if Luther Vandross had been given some lines to read back in response!?!?!? Yeah, that would have been way-worse. That might have made it so bad it would have come around to good again!


Blogger snarl71 said...

Why are his songs always so long? I mean, a 45 minute intro? The Ramone's could performa a completely good song in that amount of time!

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Doug said...

Matt...Did you know that Meatloaf is playing at the "Whatever Bank Owns It Now" Pavilion on the waterfront this summer? I will be there :)

8:33 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

Heh, I can just imagine that song appealing to you Matt! It's true though that's it's usually the most annoying things that get stuck in your head, never the cool things (not that's you'd class Babs as annoying I'm sure, but you know what I mean!)

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Dazza said...

Unfortunetly Matt - I do LOVE that song - it's cheesy, the opening words are so impossible, but you know. I've got that song on my mobile phone just to listen to it...

9:58 AM  

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