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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Seed of Chuckie

I could not decide if it was a camp classic or just bad. Jennifer Tilly gets major props for being cool enough to "get the joke" and is exceptional in it! Somehow, tho --- It didn't quite work.

Tomorrow will be packing, packing, see a movie, watch DVD's and finish up any remaining packing. ...as I move on December 2nd! Yay!

I had turned the ringer on my cell off yesterday and forgot to turn it back on until tonight. I had a really nice message waiting for me from a new friend. Made my evening.

I picked up 2 Viva-Burritos tonight --- they are in the fridge. So my Thanksgiving meal is all set! lol! Actually, I love Viva Burrito --- so that is totally cool! It has been a nice day.

My only real complaint is that I keep flop sweating as I go from the wet/cold to damp/hot subway and then back out again. I was sitting on the subway sweating buckets and everyone else looked like they were still cold. I hate that!


Blogger Tim said...

Yeah, I always seem to sweat profusely when nobody else is, it's annoying isn't it!!

5:11 PM  

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