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Friday, December 20, 2002

Adaptation, Two Towers and Lots of Rain!

Well, "Two Towers" is sold out in the greater Boston area through Sunday night. That being said, we decided to witness the return of Meryl Streep in the new Spike Jonez film, "Adaptation" We both really liked it, but I am still a bit confused regarding where fact merged/crossed with fiction. I don't think it will be be setting any major box office records, but I give it 2 big thumbs-up!

New England was treated to a great deal of rain and arrived home tonight to discover that we left the windows cracked open just enough to allow the rain to pour in and ruin a box of mouse puppets. A 1999 Christmas gift from Karl. I loved those mice. Oh well.

Karl has asked me to post how wonderful he is. So I am doing just that! He is one hot cup of burnin' love! No sarcasm --- this is one from the heart.


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