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Thursday, December 19, 2002

The Art of Giving...

The day before Thanksgiving I decided that I would empty my pockets of any change into the Salvation Army pails. You know the ones I mean ---- the red pails guarded by the friendly person ringing a bell non-stop. Anyway, I have been doing this. No matter what is going on --- I stop and empty all coins from my pockets into any Salvation Army pail I pass. As I do this I make a mental note on the amount of change I deposit. As of today I have donated $35.05 to the Salvation Army of New England. I feel good about that. I also am shocked by the amount of change I've managed to compile in such a short time. ---- but this makes no nevermind to me because I feel I've done something positive in a world that sometimes feels so very negative.

Good News!

My brother, Roy, graduated from the University of Texas! He chose not to walk across the stage, but he has graduated with honors. I am very proud of him!


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