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Friday, September 02, 2005


it had been TWO WEEKS since I went to a movie! Yes, 2 weeks! Talk about "cold turkey" --- I had to stay late at the office. I almost went straight home after I left as I was tired, but I decided to take in a movie.

Jun Ichikawa's film adaptation of Haruki Murakami's TONY TAKITANI opened today. I had been waiting to see it for some time. Excellent film, but very sad. By the way, should you fall in love and the object of your affection has a hang up for buying lots and lots of clothes --- just let her/him buy as much as she/he wants because if you try to change her/his ways -- well, the results could be rather tragic on o-so many levels. Using a husband's frustration with his wife's obsession with shopping as a metaphor for the temptation to try and "change" our lovers is only one layer of the short story from which the film is based. Of course the larger themes of loneliness, isolation and loss are the more crucial. Translating to film one is left with a certain dark comic view -- however, that is not really a bad thing. And, the score by Ryuichi Sakamato was so beautiful!!! For some reaon, there has been no soundtrack release other than on iTunes. Odd. ...Not that I can buy music at the moment! LOL! ...I'm just sayin'.

Oh, and what is it about me that seems to make people feel free to just chat with me at any given time? San Francisco is a very friendly city, but I don't think this happens to most people. The film was not sold out, but there was a substantial number of people in the cinema. I was seated in the center of the third row from the screen. It's time for new glasses and, as I was alone, I prefer not to be seated within a cluster of fellow film viewers. I figured I could be "isolated and lonely" on the the 3rd row as that is quite close to the screen. But, of course, this strategy failed. Two couples (one gay and one straight) sat on either side of me and a group of intellectual friends sat behind me. And, a little old man decided to sit directly infront of me -- preventing me from pushing up against the chair with my knees (my optimal sitting preference when this close to the screen) --- ANYWAY, the film ended and I wanted to close my eyes and just enjoy Sakamoto's piano playing but the woman next to me said, "What was the point of that?"

Her boyfriend was not answering.

A slightly fem voice to my left said, "Yeah, we're not sure"

No one else spoke. Then, the woman's voice --- "So, you've no opinion?"

It then strikes me that she is speaking to me. I open my eyes to discover that four sets of eyes are looking at me. Why? But, I'm not shy. I apologized and told her that I hadn't realized she was speaking to me. I told she and her boyfriend about the short story and what I felt the writer had tried to convey. The boyfriend said, "Honey, I'm giving you my credit card. I don't want to lose you." The gay boy to my left laughed and demanded the same from his boyfriend who responded with a "you wish" --- then somone behind me asked if I had read any of Haruki Murakami's novels. I haven't, but plan to get around to it one of these days. Then a whole new discussion broke out. In short, I didn't get to listen to Sakamoto's closing theme. However, the conversation was interesting.

Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else?

I had a similar interaction with an older lady when I saw MA MERE for the second time (don't ask) --- but she was upset by the movie and felt the need to tell me what "trash" we had just sat through. Of course, I was unable to just "smile and wave" I had to ask her why, if she felt it was complete garbage did she sit thru all 2 hours and 15 minutes of it. ...she found it interesting. LOL!

Oh, and the new Goldfrapp CD has totally grown on me and I LOVE it! Ooh la la, indeed! Think Kylie M gone all S&M on your ass --- and you can sort of get a grasp for the general sound.

Stalker -- Thanks again. And, just in case you were wondering -- I would love to have the new CD's by Petra Jean Phillipson and Babyshambles. LOL! And, you can go ahead and tell me who you are now, please because you are really creeping me OUT. So, stop it please.

OH, and a big Happy Birthday to Milford! His bday party is this evening and I can't wait!

  • Happy Birthday to Milford!!!


    Blogger snarl71 said...

    Well, I know from experience (seeing hundreds of movies with you over a decade) that this happens a lot.

    Wow - you've completely reverted back to your single self again by sitting in the front of the movie theatre. Remember when you told me you used to do that because you liked it better and nobody sat with you. Until I made you go for an eye exam and then you realized that you could see and we started sitting further back?

    Ah - memories.

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the movie..and the Godlfrapp CD (will I like it?).

    OH - and was the PowerPoint presentation a success?

    6:29 PM  
    Blogger Underling said...

    I would kill to have that kind of experience at a movie theater. A bunch of random strangers actually discussing a film at its conclusion? What an interesting idea...

    The most I get are grunts from the frat boys behind me inline, impatient to get to the toilets...

    And this stalker or yours seems amazing...gifts and all, all my stalker did was try to make me feel sub-human for having an outdoor dog. lol.

    7:44 PM  
    Blogger matty said...

    Karl -- LOL! Yes, it is time for some new glasses! And, YES -- you will LOVE the new Goldfrapp CD. Am sure that it must be in the Virgin imports section by now. Yes, the PP was great. Thank you!!! However, I needed to make a last minute change and was able to look into a bit of softward magic called Visio! I plan on learning it soon! In a matter of a few seconds I watched this professional take a simple org chart and convert it into this really cool graphic!

    Underling -- Oh, honey. You really need to leave the Bible Belt! And, that guy was a total loser/idiot! Just come to SF and marry me! (smile!)

    1:48 AM  
    Blogger g8s said...

    Geez, Matt, I recall a part of a book in which a minor character was descended from a long line of rain gods. Gale force storms, sleet and fog hounded his every move, as the water spirits worshipped & adored him. Unfortunately, he was unaware of his heritage & was employed as a trucker; he spent every day grumbling about the bleak state of the weather. Perhaps something similar is going on with you.

    And about your anonymous friend... A stalker with a tendency to lavish you with wonderful gifts can't be all bad!

    10:08 AM  
    Blogger Jon said...

    Murakami is one of my favorite author! I just love 'A Wild Sheep Chase' and 'The Windup Bird Chronicle', just to name a few....

    5:23 AM  

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