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Monday, June 27, 2005


I didn't sleep well last night, did not feel well today and knew things were taking a bad turn when Irene Cara came up on my iPod singing "Out Here On My Own" from the FAME soundtrack --- and it made me tear up. No, not good. I've decided that the shuffle function of my iPod, while seeming somewhat related to the course of my days might not be such a good idea. So, I pulled down the tiny iPod menu and manually selected a day filled with the music of Ryuichi Sakamoto. Mellow with a brooding bit of drama going on beneath the melody and, at times, quite pop-oriented --- especially true when Mr. Sakamoto decides to sing in that David Bowie-like-way of his. Anyway, it was really too late. That would-be-80's-diva, Irene Cara pretty much set the tone for my day. My head and stomache bothered me all day --- suspect this is from lack of quality sleep and worry/nerves.

However, I did receive a phone call about an hour ago. Sadly, I was underground on MUNI, but I will return the call tomorrow. And, I hope, I might be feeling a bit better when I do! Anyway, a head hunter in the Financial District found my resume on Monster and tho she tells me "they" have no immediate positions going on --- she feels I am "quite marketable" and would like to meet with me prior to end of day Thursday so that she and I can get to know each other and she "will be at the ready" to get me working and herself a nice commission as soon as one comes "their way" --- which she hinted she thinks will be happening soon. I rather liked her frank honesty about her commission -- no pretense. I've not heard of the agency. Will search for them later. Anyway, it was nice to get some infused hope today! Even if I did miss the call.

I always seem to miss calls.

I am not pleased with the Supreme Court's ruling today regarding the placement of Christian dogma in/on public property "...when it is within an historical context" Great. Oh well, who needs a separation of church and state when we have President Bush at the helm. Whatever. I am really beginning to agree with a good friend of mine who believes that "we" all need do nothing but sit back and watch the country fall to pieces over the course of the next year or so -- and then, per his view, things will have to swing back to the left a bit when people see the devestation to the economy of us folks who are not in the top 2%. My only concerns with this political/sociological approach are around that devestation which will lead to more suffering and death --- and, of course, the legal loss of rights that will take more than a few years to correct due to the convoluted governmental process within which we are firmly entrenched.

Still, he may have a valid point.

Jeez -- well, I really am not as down as this post makes me sound! I promise! I just have a headache. I did enjoy the cool weather, sent in some more copies of my resume and received a very sweet gift from a cyber friend who replaced my DVD set of the Paul Morrissey/Andy Warhol Hustler Trilogy! He took great pains to keep his identitiy a secret, but I know who sent it. And, a big shout out to one of my pals in the UK for the extravagant gift! If I ever get myself to London --- dinner at the place of your choosing is my treat!

And --- a quick "public" answer to the card included: I do promise I will not sell it! ...or, EVER let UPS touch it! LOL! And, thank you! You know, I am very blessed with some great friends --- many of whom I've yet to have the pleasure of meeting!

OK -- time for some Tylenol and I guess I should have something to eat. That might be a good idea.


Blogger g8s said...

What a fantastic title to your post! I thought for certain that some tragedy had befallen you, and its soundtrack was "Why Me?" I love how your iPod is a 21st century Magic 8 Ball.

Re: dogma on public property. Since the Supremes just decided a few days ago that it's perfectly legal for the government to take posession of private property in the name of "the greater public good," guess what -- it's ALL public property! Cup of communism, anyone?

Seriously, though, fingers are crossed here in Manhattan for your Thursday meeting. Have a great sleep!

ps -- how is the acupuncture going?

7:08 PM  
Blogger Miss Marisol said...

g8s is so right on...your post title made me laugh out loud.

and that headhunter is right on, you are QUITE remarkable.

9:14 AM  
Blogger digitic said...

Hmmmm ... my little mp3 player doesn't quite match the bling factor of an iPOOD but at least if I drop the thing and it gets stepped on and crushed by a homeless person on MUNI I wouldn't cry about it.

I would have to put on rubber gloves and rescue the SD card, however.

Is this comment even relevant to the post?!?!

Oh yeah, I tend to put only happy or calming music on my player. That way every song is a positive mood altering experience.

Could be why I tend to be the only one singing and dancing along with my music during my streetcar commute!

Man, those folks need to loosen up!

10:47 AM  
Blogger digitic said...

Hey Matt --

May want to change the region time on your blog -- you're in Pacific Time now! ;)

10:50 AM  

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